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    Need for Magazine about eCommerce on Facebook and Twitter 

    Amazon and eBay may be the behemoth when it comes to e-commerce. However, according to a group of technology financiers and e-commerce entrepreneurs, it is estimated that Facebook can give a tough competition to these giants in the coming years. With this anticipation, it is rightful to say that there is a need for a magazine reporting e-commerce on the leading social platforms, Facebook and Twitter.

    Some of the investors and entrepreneurs have even coined the term “f-commerce” as an equivalent to “e-commerce.”Some of these online stores are encouraging Facebook users to shop on the website in addition to connecting with their friends.

    There is a dearth of information on developing e-commerce platforms on Facebook and Twitter. However, a magazine on the topic can prove to be of great help to entrepreneurs and consumers. Facebook already have a few number of apps that have helped online stores to take advantage of Facebook-commerce. They include Pavyment, Storefront Social, Bigcommerce and 8th Bridge.

    Facebook has already listed itself on Wall Street with its popular $5-billion IPO. However, gradually, the Wall Street is going to create a lot of pressure on it to source growth in its profit from other sources than advertising. This is where it would become imperative for the social networking giant to develop its “f-commerce” offerings.

    The CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, recently revealed that the social media giant is thinking of developing alternative sources, such as eCommerce, of revenue in near future. It is estimated that Twitter would be able to generate over $1 billion in its ad revenue in 2014.

    With so much emphasis being laid on eCommerce on these websites, it is imperative that a regular source of information be created to furnish investors, entrepreneurs and social media users about latest news on eCommerce on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Coverage of eCommerce News on Money Magazine 

    This is the second installment of the story that sheds light on the increasing news coverage provided to e-commerce by the leading magazines. In this story, readers would find out how even Money Magazine has started addressing the importance and movements taking place around the world of online shopping. Keep checking this section as more magazines would be explored and covered with briefing on their news stories on e-commerce.


    Money magazine is owned by Time Inc. and it is mostly dedicated to covering a wide rangeof topics such as investing, savings, taxes, retirement, finance and related topics. It is highly popular for the annual list of the best places in America to live, for which it is highly valued around the world.


    The topic of e-commerce has also caught the eye of Money magazine. Recently, the magazine published the competition between the “Goliaths”Amazon, BET and Staples, and their “David” counterparts. The coverage highlighted how the “Davids” like Shopletand a couple of other small businessescompeted with the big and already-established companies.


    Money Magazine also covered the record online sales made this Cyber Monday. In its post-Cyber Monday news coverage, Money reported that the online sales were more than 30% higher than the sales made during the 2011 Cyber Monday. The magazine sourced its information from IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark and quoted the director of IBM Smarter Commerce saying that this Cyber Monday closed with the biggest ever online shopping sales recorded in a day.


    Similarly, Money was also interested in providing another window of coverage to e-commerce when they published the news of the increasing crowds for Black Friday and raised the question about sales. On the second day after Black Friday, Money reported the IBM Benchmark report that said that the online sales for the 2-day shopping period increased by more than 21% over the last year Black Friday and 17% over the last year Thanksgiving.


    With so much emphasis being given to e-commerce sales figures and with the figures always showing an upward trend, there is no doubt that e-commerce is being recognized by the leading magazines as a major source of business for retailers. In the coming years, e-commerce and online consumers can also prove to become major market drivers.

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    Forbes Covering More News about E-Commerce 


    This is in continuation of the increasing coverage provided toe-commerce news, a topic that has recently received lots of attention on the leading finance magazines. Forbes Magazine is biweekly business magazinethat features news on industry, finance, marketing and investing. In addition, Forbes also covers other popular topics including communications, technology, law and science. In the recent past, Forbes has been providing more and more coverage to e-commerce because of the increasing share of ecommerce in business revenue.


    One of the most recent examples can be quoted for the record Black Friday sales in the U.S. this year. For the first time, the e-commerce sales figures for Black Friday crossed the $1 billion mark in the, and Forbes exclusively covered this news on the eve of Cyber Monday. Forbes based its news on the report provided by comScore, which reported that the Black Friday sales grew by over 26% over the last year and more than 57 million visits were received by U.S. e-commerce sites.


    Forbes further revealed that the holiday season saw more than $13 billion being spent online. This meant that the e-commerce business grew by more than 16% in the U.S. over the last year. The news reported that the leading e-commerce stores that received the most visitson Black Friday included Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Apple and Target.


    Similarly, Forbes also covered the topic a few months ago under the title, “New Rules for E-Commerce.”The article elaborated the reasons why it took more than a dozen and a half for e-commerce to come into its full-fledged form that it is today. Some of the leading reasons highlighted here include the coming of age of Amazon’s foot print, the introduction of new customer acquisition channels such as social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterestand many other reasons.


    With this business magazine giving so much emphasis to e-commerce and the point that online sales have increased dramatically this year, it can be said that the era of online purchases has now dawned. With more and more online stores coming up everyday, e-commerce seems to have a positive near-future. It would be worth watching what the next holiday season figures have to say.

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    Ten Highly Recommended E-commerce Magazines 


    E-commerce has become a major part of business. No longer is there only the mom-and-pop, brick and mortar, or the large chain or wholesale store. Now, the online store has become a major competitor for customer’s business. In fact, more and more people are starting to do all their shopping online. To be competitive, companies have to stay abreast of the latest in online marketing methods. The competition for online business is fierce, so anyone getting lazy about keeping up with the latest innovations is going to come out behind.


    Magazines have gotten with the program as well and are making information available to help online entrepreneurs be the success they desire. Much great information can be found with just a little searching. Magazines are available as print, online, and both. Most print e-commerce magazines are now making online content available as an extension of their print information.


    There are many magazines available that address different aspects of e-commerce. Some address marketing, some business startups, some self-development issues, and some give news of the latest developments in e-commerce. The following ten are some of the better ones.


    1. Wired Magazine

    This one, Wired Magazine, gives insight into technology and how it affects e-commerce business. It gives a leading-edge look at businesses on the web. It was begun in 1996, and has now gone to online access.


    1. eCommNewz

    The magazine, eCommNewz, provides tutorials and information articles for professionals using e-commerce techniques for marketing. Almost any aspect of e-business is addressed.


    1. Electronic Commerce Guide

    This one, Electronic Commerce Guide, provides e-commerce news, reviews of hardware and software products, tutorials, and suggestions of technology solutions for e-commerce situations.


    1. eWeek

    Get the latest news with eWeek magazine. You get the latest news on developing hardware solutions, reviews of relevant software; learn about networking suggestions, and get reports on the latest e-commerce research.


    1. Internet Retailer

    Internet Retailer gives the latest daily news, provides tutorial articles, and reports on the latest research. Get the lowdown on industry strategies that are successful for other online merchants.



    With, get global news and an analysis of different e-commerce strategies. Also, get reports on the latest technology. Customer relationship management (CRM) is also addressed, as is supply chain management (SCM) and e-marketing.


    1. Marketing VOX

    Marketing VOX provides a daily discussion on e-commerce. Get the latest news reports on media and strategy involved with internet marketing.


    1. Forbes

    Forbes is one of the leaders in internet media companies, providing information services serving the needs of business leaders and investors. It provides daily reporting of business technology with original information being reported.


    1. The Industry Standard

    This newsmagazine, Industry Standard, reporting on internet economy delivers coverage of people, companies, and business models involved in internet economy. It includes news, analyses, and model reviews, as well as personality profiles of successful e-commerce executives.


    1. Infoworld

    Infoworld includes stories about e-commerce. It includes an analysis of different products and solutions. Technology reviews are also included as they relate to e-commerce solutions.

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    Read E-commerce Magazines to Keep Abreast of Latest Developments 

    E-commerce has become the way to success in many avenues. Not only do strictly web-based sites market online, there is now the new avenue of online shopping related to many major print magazines. They are now making available direct links for shopping the products they advertise. This helps their reader e able to shop without having to surf and hunt for the websites where their products are available. They can now seamlessly click through and buy what they have just read about in the magazine.


    It started as being only apparel lifestyle and apparel magazines that offered these services, but now shelter and other magazines are getting on board. There is the anticipation for even more industries to enter the race as this catches on. This allows them to take advantage of marketing at a time when print advertising is on the decrease.


    E-commerce magazines also provide news and information to online entrepreneurs and website owners. They offer the latest news in website construction and promotions. In addition, there is a wealth of information about successful e-commerce tactics. Some are available only in print, some only online, and some are available both ways.


    Entrepreneurs are common readers of these magazines. Some are already successful at what they do, others are just getting started and are looking for help and information, and others are just looking to improve their business tactics. There is a wealth of information available on almost any topic imaginable. As online marketing increases, the magazine publishers are stepping up to the plate and providing the information that is being sought by these marketers.


    Some of these issues deal with primarily business news and others deal mostly with e-marketing techniques. Still others deal with self-help and inspirational topics. Most offer practical ideas to give tips and resources to help make the most of marketing efforts. Most offer SEO techniques to make the most of website building.


    These articles are often written by successful business people, both online and offline successes. Others are writers who ghost-write material for these successful people. Some authors do research and interviews and write their own articles. Online magazines, sometimes called ezines, often use the same writers that they use for their print issues.


    It is impossible to count the number of e-commerce magazines because are so many and new ones come out almost daily. Doing a web search for the names of them will reveal the many hundreds that are available. Some of the most established ones include:


    • Business 2.0 – Daily news in business, technology, and e-commerce, as well as marketing and company news.
    • – an online publication that addresses e-commerce and IT management.
    • ClickZ – addresses internet marketing, email, and e-marketing. Covers e-commerce research, statistics, and security.
    • CRM Daily – News and analysis of customer management for e-commerce.
    • E-Commerce Times – Everything about doing business on the internet. Covers E-commerce news, feature articles, and special reports.
    • Fast Company – Covers latest developments in the business world. Covers innovations, technology, and leadership in the e-commerce field.
    • Practical eCommerce – provides articles, tips, tools and resources such as software, SEO aids, and such, all on the subject of E-commerce.





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